Food Safety and Quality Policy

Version No: 4

This policy is Richmond Diaries commitment to produce and supply our customers with safe, high-quality dairy products.


To take all responsible steps and precautions and to exercise due diligence to maintain food safety throughout the supply chain, which includes sourcing, storage, handling, processing, and distribution.


Every employee (at each level and function within the organisation) both individually and collectively are responsible for ensuring the food safety and quality of our products and to report food safety and quality issues to those with authority to take action.


To ensure best practice the company has established and is continuously improving the internationally recognised Food Safety System Certification (FSSC 22000). A Food Safety Team has been delegated and authorised with the responsibility of ensuring the integrity of the Food Safety Management System.

To achieve our objective, we:

  • Maintain compliance to Export Control Act 2020, Export Control (Milk and Milk Products) Rules 2021, Food Standards Codes (FSANZ), NSW Food Authority, FSSC 22000 and all other relevant regulatory and legislative requirements.
  • Meet or exceed importing country requirements and customer agreements.
  • Perform effective internal and external food safety communication.
  • Perform regular identification of hazards, determination of critical control points and timely implementation of effective control and monitoring measures.
  • Continually reviewing and improving food safety polices, standards and procedures to effectively manage food safety risks associated with changes in products, processes and technologies.
  • Promote personal hygiene and cleanliness to our staff, contractors, suppliers and visitors.
  • Provide our staff with adequate food safety information, training, instructions, tools and equipment to carry out their job in a hygienic and professional manner.
  • Develop a plan for achieving food safety and quality objectives.
  • Regularly audit the effectiveness of the food safety and quality management systems through internal and external audits.
  • Include food safety and quality strategies in the annual business planning process to ensure that food safety and quality remains an integral part of operations.
  • Communicate, implement and maintain this policy at all levels of the Company.
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