Frozen Products

Frozen Products

Richmond Dairies has a long history of innovation and product enhancement.  We have the technology to develop a product to suit your specific needs.  Contact us for more information.

Primary product range:

  • 44% frozen cream
    • For export and domestic customers.
  • 69% frozen cream
    • This is the most economical form for export because of its low levels of moisture.
    • This has the highest possible level of butterfat without the processed flavour of butter and the consequent mouth feel of high levels of free fat.
    • Is a valuable free base for a wide variety of dairy products including whole milk and ice cream.
    • This product is soluble in water and will recombine with other non-fat dairy products.
    • Has a frozen shelf life of 18 months from the date of manufacture.
  • 45% frozen skimmed milk concentrate
    • Contains 44.5% solids non-fat and 0.5% butter fat.
    • Highly desirable alternative to skim milk powder because it reduces the processed flavours of skim milk powder and has improved solubility.
    • Highly recommended for drinking yoghurt, whole milk and modified milk (reduced fat/high protein) products.
  • 45% whole milk concentrate
    • Contains approximately 13% butterfat and 32% non-fat solids.
    • Ideal for reconstituting into whole milk.
    • Ideal to be used as a base ingredient for yoghurt drinks.
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