Pollution Incident Response Management Plan

Revision no 9 - 26th June 2023

Notification Procedure to be followed if a pollution incident occurs which could cause material harm to the environment.

Material harm is defined as:

  • It involves actual or potential harm to the health or safety of human beings or the ecosystem that is not trivial.

  • It results in actual or potential loss or damage to property of an amount exceeding $10,000


Notification of relevant authorities

It is necessary to notify all of the following authorities in the order listed as soon as possible after an incident occurs.

  1. Call 000 if there is a threat to human health or property (Fire and Rescue, Police and Ambulance).

  2. Notify EPA- Environment line 131555

  3. The Ministry of Health via Public Health Unit Lismore 6620785. A/H 0428882805

  4. The Work Cover Authority 131050

  5. Richmond Valley Council 66600300

  6. Adjoining residents in the affected area

  7. If not already notified Fire and Rescue NSW 1300729579

Action to be taken to control the pollution incident

When safe isolate the product involved and take appropriate measures to contain the incident on site. Take care to follow safe handling procedures for the chemical involved by referring to its Material safety data sheet. These are available near the storage.

For LNG refer to the LNG Emergency plan

Communication of the control and relevant information to all relevant and affected parties

With the assistance of the Emergency Services notify all other relevant parties who may be affected by the incident.

  • Business’s by phone

  • All other neighbours by doorknocking and letter drop.

    Keep them informed of any changes to the situation or control measures put in place.

    Hazards to health and the environment at the premises

    1. LNG up to 32 tonnes

    2. Liquid ammonia up to 5 tonnes

    3. Diverflow HE up to 5000 litres ( Alkaline cleaner)

    4. Diversheen 209 up to 5000 litres ( Acid cleaner)

    5. Milk Up to 7000 KL

    6. Waste water Up to 220 KL

    Possibility of the hazards causing an incident

    The risk to the environment, posed by products stored on the site is considered reasonably low.

    With the exception of LNG and Liquid Ammonia it should always be possible to contain them within the site.

    Measures in place to reduce or eliminate the risk from the hazards

  • Ammonia Leak detector is monitored by 24 hr security. Ammonia detection will automatically shut down the Refrigeration Plant. Ammonia is now confined to the plant room freezer and plate freezer areas all on the northern boundary.

  • LNG system has automated shutdown system and 24Hrs remote monitoring. Emergency shutdown points located at all points along distribution system

  • Main storm water drain from site has manual gate to enable containment of spills on site.

  • Wastewater plant and refrigeration plant has continuous monitoring of levels and faults with messaging to responsible persons,

    Storage areas

  • The ammonia bulk storage vessels are situated in the Plant Room on the northern boundary of the site.

  • The LNG storage tank is on the eastern boundary of the site adjacent to Blu Transport.

  • The cleaning compounds are stored in a bunded area in the centre of the site.

    Safety equipment held and structures in place to control the impact of an incident

  • Emergency breathing apparatus is available on site for personnel evacuation and control of minor ammonia leaks.

  • Personal protective equipment is available to deal with acids and alkali products.

  • The only stormwater drain leaving the site along the southern boundary has a gate valve and pump to pump water back to our water treatment plant.

The names positions and 24hr contact details of persons responsible for implementing and controlling the plan

Company Manager Chris Sharpe 0408431104

Engineering Manager Terry Hicks 0427675104

Technical Manager Cameron Cole 0412200718

The names and contact details of owners and occupiers of possible affected properties by an incident

Blu Transport Steve Frazer


Casino Engineering


Norco Rural Store


Method of providing early warnings and updates of pollution incidents to affected parties

Affected business will be contacted by phone.

Affected residents will be contacted by doorknock.


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