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Richmond Dairies is based in Casino in northern New South Wales, a farming area known for its dairy cattle.

We are proud to continue to produce quality dairy products for the domestic and international markets.  Our products are made using natural, high quality, fresh Australian milk supplied by Australian dairy farmers.

Despite being a leading exporter of dairy products Richmond Dairies is a relatively small regional dairy processor.  Our size is our strength, allowing us to be flexible and responsive to our customers’ needs.  We are always looking for new ways to provide product solutions to both established and emerging markets.

Richmond Dairies is focused on exporting our high quality dairy products to food manufacturing businesses around the world.

Longley Farm Group

Longley Farm

Richmond Dairies is part of the Longley Farm Group which is based in the United Kingdom.  The family-owned Longley Farm Group came to Australia in 1995 and introduced some of the world’s best dairy technology to our factory at Casino.

Longley Farm was established by brothers Joseph and Edgar Dickinson in 1948.  For more than 60 years Longley Farm has strived to produce exceptional dairy products including cream, butter and yoghurt.

Old-fashioned family values have helped Longley Farm build an international reputation, known for its commitment to controlling quality at every stage of production.

Longley Farm believes good milk makes good dairy products and the best milk comes from Jersey cows.  That’s why Longley Farm has one of the largest Jersey herds in Europe. 

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